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    • Isolation, and molecular characterization of Brucella isolates in cattle milk in Uganda 

      Mugizi, Denis Rwabita; Shaman, Muradrasoli; Sofia, Boqvist; Joseph, Erume; Nasinyama, William George; Waiswa, Charles; Mboowa, Gerald; Markus, Klint; Magnusson, Ulf (2015)
      Brucellosis is endemic in livestock and humans inUganda and its transmission involves amultitude of risk factors like consumption of milk frominfected cattle. To shed new light on the epidemiology of brucellosis in Uganda ...
    • The Milk Delivery Chain and Presence of Brucella Spp. Antibodies in Bulk Milk in Uganda 

      Mugizi, Denis Rwabiita; Ståhl, Karl; Magnusson, Ulf; Boqvist, Sofia; Rock, Kim Toeroek (2016-06)
      This study examinedthe influence of informal milk delivery chains on the risk of human exposure to Brucellaspp. through milk consumption in two regions of Uganda (Gulu and Soroti Districts). The work involved describing ...
    • Molecular Detection and Characterization of Brucella Species in Raw Informally Marketed Milk from Uganda 

      Hoffman, Tove; Rock, Kim; Mugizi, Denis Rwabiita; Muradrasoli, Shaman; LindahlRajala, Elisabeth; Erume, Joseph; Magnusson, Ulf; Lundkvist, Åke; Boqvist, Sofia (2016)
      This study identified and characterizedBrucellaspecies in the informal milk chain in Uganda. A total of324 cattle bulk milk samples were screened for the genusBrucellaby real-time PCR with primers targeting thebcsp31gene ...