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    • Anthelminthic treatment during pregnancy is associated with increased risk of infantile eczema: randomised-controlled trial results 

      Mpairwe, Harriet; Webb, Emily L; Muhangi, Lawrence; Ndibazza, Juliet; Akishule, Denise; Nampijja, Margaret; Ngom-wegi, Sophy; Tumusime, Josephine; Jones, Frances M; Fitzsimmons, Colin; Dunne, David W.; Muwanga, Moses; Rodrigues, Laura C.; Elliott, Alison M (John Wiley & Sons A/S, 2011)
      Background: Allergy is commoner in developed than in developing countries. Chronic worm infections show inverse associations with allergy, and prenatal exposures may be critical to allergy risk. Objective: To determine ...
    • Skin Prick Test Reactivity to Common Allergens Among Women in Entebbe, Uganda 

      Mpairwe, Harriet; Muhangi, Lawrence; Ndibazza, Juliet; Tumusiime, Josephine; Muwanga, Moses; Laura, Rodrigues C.; Alison, Elliott M. (2008)
      The objectives of this study were to estimate the prevalence of atopic sensitization,and to identify common aeroallergens associated with atopic sensitization among women inEntebbe, Uganda, and to determine risk factors ...