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    • ‘I felt very bad, I had self-rejection’: narratives of exclusion and marginalisation among early school leavers in Uganda 

      Tukandane, Cuthbert; Zeelen, Jacques; Minnaert, Alexander; Kanyandago, Peter (Taylor & Francis, 2013-09-02)
      Uganda has one of the highest rates of early school leavers (ESLs) in Sub-Saharan Africa, and the highest in East Africa, despite impressive school enrolment rates. While studies have been conducted on the possible causes ...
    • Overcoming Poverty: Accounting for Stagnation and Upward Mobility in Central Uganda 

      Ssempebwa, Jude; Ndagire, Abisagi Kasoma; Kule, Abraham; Ssekyewa, Charles; Nnyanzi, David; Kisolo, Gelvan; Nyende, Jeremiah; Masereka, Joseph; Nambuubi, Juliet; Otaala, Laura; Akello, Lucy Dora; Odong, Moses; Okullo, Nellie Florence; Kanyandago, Peter; Lugemwa, Peter; Ouma, Richard; Akabwai, Steven (Kisubi Brothers University College, 2012)
      Poverty in Uganda has been the subject of extensive scholarship and policy attention. Subsequently, several poverty alleviation programmes/ projects have been implemented in the country over the last five decades. ...
    • A review of enabling factors in support intervention programmes for early school leavers: 

      Tukundane, Cuthbert; Kanyandago, Peter; Minnaert, Alexander; Zeelen, Jacques (Elsevier, 2015-02)
      One of the major problems facing education systems in Sub-Saharan Africa is the phenomenon of young people who leave school before completion. Research has shown that this phenomenon disadvantages young people and exposes ...