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  • African Concept of Participation: 

    Mutyaba, E. M. (Asian Trading Corporation, 2016)
    This chapter presents the African concept of participation as having a theological foundation. The African notion of participation is understood in terms of appurtenance to God our source and in whose fraction of vital ...
  • The Church in Africa: 

    Namuli, A.; Bwangatto, A.; Kamweri, J. M. M.; Okello, L.; D’Arbela, P. G. (Little Sisters of St. Francis Publication., 2016)
    The authors of this book have attempted to assemble in one volume basic information about the Church in the setting of the Uganda social fabric, in many respects applicable to the African situation south of the Sahara, ...
  • Stewards of the Natural Environment Resources: 

    Kamweri, John Mary Mooka (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2017)
    Purpose The slogan often used to describe the scenic beauty of Uganda's natural environment is ‘Gifted by Nature.' Rightly so, Uganda is home to Lake Victoria and four other lakes, not to mention crater lakes. Of the ...