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  • Conceptual modeling of nodding syndrome: a system dynamics and sequence approaches 

    Ongaya, Kizito; Ssemaluulu, Paul Mukasa; Oyo, Benedict; Bongomin, Pido (The Centre for Democracy, Research and Development (CEDRED), 2017-06)
    Conceptual modelling of nodding syndrome (NS) has hardly been considered in most scientific literature although symptoms of the disease has been widely studied. A conceptual model is a representation of hypothesis about a ...
  • Use of “flight simulator” for training it managers in investment decision making. 

    Ssemaluulu, Paul Mukasa; Ddembe, Williams (Fountain Publishers, 2008)
    In this paper it has been suggested that the findings of research on managerial decisionmaking may be relevant in IT, but that research needs to be carried out on the factors that influence the decisions of IT managers in ...
  • Complexity and risk in IS projects: a system dynamics approach 

    Ssemaluulu, Paul Mukasa; Ddembe, Williams (Fountain Publishers, 2007)
    In spite of ongoing research on IS risks and the increased sophistication of the tools and techniques developed, IS risks continue to be a challenge to IS professionals and managers. Increased complexity leads to increased ...
  • Maternal monitoring: lowering child mortality by use of ICTs. 

    Ssemaluulu, Paul Mukasa; Muma, Wycliff; Katongole, Paul; Mwase, Maria (Fountain Publishers, 2010)
    In this paper, we describe the creation and development of an Electronic Health Records System that automates record keeping procedures for both patients and medical practitioners in a health ...
  • A system dynamics tool for IT investments. 

    Ssemaluulu, Paul Mukasa; Ddembe, Williams (Fountain Publishers, 2006-01-01)
    Systems dynamics modeling is the technique of constructing and running a model of an abstract system in order to study its behavior without disrupting the environment of the real system. The process simulated in this study, ...