Recent Submissions

  • Learner at the Centre: Humanising the Fundamental Purpose of Mass Education 

    Kabiito, Bendicto; Namugumya, Josephine (Uganda Martyrs University Press, 2018)
  • Language and Girl Child Education: 

    Namusisi, Speranza (Uganda Martyrs University, 2016)
    This book focuses on the role language plays in the education of girls in Uganda’s primary education. It provides a historical and theoretical background to genders socialization education and language. It further discusses ...
  • Books 

    Angucia, Margaret (2010)
    Chelpi-den Hamer’s book on the youngest recruits brings to attention the prevalence of the problem of children involved in conflict in Cotê d’ Ivoire. This is important because the problem of the involvement of children ...