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  • Determining Staffing Levels and Mix of UCMB Affiliated Hospitals 

    Namaganda, Grace (Uganda Martyrs University, Department of Health Sciences, 2004-12)
    Uganda Catholic Medical Bureau (UCMB) affiliated hospitals, like many other health institutions, are stressed by limited resources and increasing costs. This calls for a need to finance the increasing costs through efficiency ...
  • Health Inequity In Uganda: The Role Of Financial And Non-Financial Barriers 

    Odaga, John (2004)
    Inequality in health is known to be rampant among different socio-economic groups, with the poor typically suffering more ill-health and facing greater economic cost of ill-health than the rich. Yet a number of other ...
  • Bhopal 20 Years on: Globalization and Corporate Responsibility 

    Murru, Maurizio (Uganda Martyrs University, Department of Health Sciences, 2004-12)
    The year 2004 marks the 20th anniversary of the worst industrial disaster in human history. Some 40 tonnes of methyl isocyanate leaked from a tank at the Union Carbide Corporation (UCC) chemical pesticide plant in Bhopal, ...
  • 50 Years of Cuamm's Passion: What More Needs To Te Done To Tackle Inequity? 

    Okuonzi, Sam Agatre (2004)
    Established over fifty years ago, CUAMM, an abbreviation for Collegio Universitario Aspiranti Medici Missionari, or University College for Aspiring Missionary Doctors is a humanitarian non-governmental organization (NGO), ...
  • Reduction of User Fees in the Private-Not-For-Profit Hospitals in Uganda: Implications for Equity and Sustainability 

    Mugisha, John (Uganda Martyrs University, Department of Health Sciences, 2004-12)
    While the reduction of user fees was not seriously contested as a big step towards equity and evidence of faithfulness to their mission, many private-not-for-profit (PNFP) hospitals dragged their feet in implementing these ...
  • Health Policy and Development 

    Tamburlini, Giorgio; Garofolo, Burlo (2004)
    To promote health equity is to address a great deal of inequities in society. It is not easy but it can be done. It requires that an upstream action is taken. This action consists of eight steps: analyse inequity, act on ...
  • Export Health Workers? For Uganda, An Indecent Proposal Until… 

    Maniple, Everd (Uganda Martyrs University, Department of Health Sciences, 2004-12)
    This paper challenges the decision by the Government of Uganda to export health workers to developed countries. It argues that while the Ugandan National Health Policy emphasises strengthening the numbers of health personnel ...
  • Do Affordable Fees Really Matter? The Case of Nkozi Hospital 

    Mabirizi, David (Uganda Martyrs University, Department of Health Sciences, 2004-12)
    This paper looks at the pervasive problem of low utilisation of health units for maternal and other reproductive health services. It gives one example of how a poorly performing institution made a turn-around and, driven ...
  • Measuring Patient Satisfaction in UCMB Health Institutions 

    Lochoro, Peter (Uganda Martyrs University, Department of Health Sciences, 2004-12)
    There is growing interest to measure patient satisfaction and collect the views of patients about the services they use. Satisfaction is essential if we have to get people utilize services, comply with treatments and improve ...
  • General practice patients treated for substance use problems: across-national observational study in Belgium 

    Wanyama, Simeon; Boffin, Nicole; Antoine, Jerome; Moreels, Sarah; Ridder, Karin De; Peremans, Lieve; Vanmeerbeek, Marc; Van Casteren, Viviane (2016)
    General Practitioners (GPs) are well placed to care for patients with (chronic) substance use problems. This pilot was carried out to study the feasibility and usefulness of a continuous surveillance of substance use ...

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