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  • Mass media as a deceptive planning tool for promoting national development 

    Semambo, Henry (International Journal of Research, 2018-01-01)
    Mass communication ordinarily does not serve as a necessary and sufficient cause of audience effects but, rather, functions among and through a nexus of mediating factors and influences. However, following the dominant ...
  • The Scales Project, a cross-national dataset on the interpretation of thermal perception scales 

    Schweiker, Marcel; Abdul-Zahra, Amar; André, Maíra; Al-Atrash, Farah; AlKhatri, Hanan; Alprianti, Rea Risky; Alsaad, Hayder; Amin, Rucha; Ampatzi, Eleni; Arsano, AlphaYacob; Azadeh, Montazami; Azar, Elie; Bahareh, Bannazadeh; Batagarawa, Amina; Becker, Susanne; Buonocore, Carolina; Cao, Bin; Choi, Joon-Ho; Chun, Chungyoon; Daanen, Hein; Damiati, Siti Aisyah; Daniel, Lyrian; DeVecchi, Renata; Dhaka, Shivraj; Domínguez-Amarillo, Samuel; Dudkiewicz, Edyta; Edappilly, Lakshmi Prabha; Fernández-Agüera, Jesica; Folkerts, Mireille; Frijns, Arjan; Gaona, Gabriel; Garg, Vishal; Gauthier, Stephanie; Jabbari, Shahla Ghafari; Harimi, Djamila; Hellwig, Runa T.; Huebner, Gesche M.; Jin, Quan; Jowkar, Mina; Kania, Renate; Kim, Jungsoo; King, Nelson; Kingma, Boris; Koerniawan, M. Donny; Kolarik, Jakub; Kumar, Shailendra; Kwok, Alison; Lamberts, Roberto; Laska, Marta; Lee, M. C. Jefrey; Lee, Yoonhee; Lindermayr, Vanessa; Mahaki, Mohammadbagher; Marcel-Okafor, Udochukwu; Marín-Restrepo, Laura; Marquardsen, Anna; Martellotta, Francesco; Mathur, Jyotirmay; McGill, Gráinne; Mino-Rodriguez, Isabel; Moujalled, Bassam; Mou, Di; Nakajima, Mia; Ng, Edward; Okafor, Marcellinus; Olweny, Mark; Ouyang, Wanlu; Papst de Abreu, Ana Ligia; Pérez-Fargallo, Alexis; Rajapaksha, Indrika; Ramos, Greici; Rashid, Saif; Reinhart, Christoph F.; Rivera, Ma. Isabel; Salmanzadeh, Mazyar; SchakibEkbatan, Karin; Schiavon, Stefano; Shooshtarian, Salman; Shukuya, Masanori; Soebarto, Veronica; Suhendri; Tahsildoost, Mohammad; Tartarini, Federico; Teli, Despoina; Tewari, Priyam; Thapa, Samar; Trebilcock, Maureen; Trojan, Jörg; Tukur, Ruqayyatu B.; Voelker, Conrad; Yam, Yeung; Yang, Liu; Zomorodian, Zahra Sadat; Zapata-Lancaster, Gabriela; Zhai, Yongchao; Zhu, Yingxin (Springer Nature, 2019)
    Thermal discomfort is one of the main triggers for occupants’ interactions with components of the built environment such as adjustments of thermostats and/or opening windows and strongly related to the energy use in ...
  • Validity of Modified Early Obstetric Warning System (Meows) In Low Resource Setting: A Case of St. Francis Hospital Nsambya, Kampala, Uganda 

    Kizito, Omona (Texila International Journal of Clinical Research, 2018-06)
    Globally every day, about 830 women die due to complications of pregnancy and child birth. Of these deaths, 99% occur in low-resource settings, and most could be prevented. Use of Modified Early Obstetric Warning System ...
  • Improving Community Sanitation and Hygiene Performance in Kerwa Sub County through the Application of Statistical Thinking 

    Kizito, Omona (Texila International Journal of Public Health, 2018-02)
    Sanitation refers to the provision of facilities and services for the safe disposal of human urine and faeces whereas Hygiene is a set of personal practices that contribute to good health. It includes things like hand-washing, ...
  • Third Delays in the Management of Obstetric Emergencies: A Qualitative Study of Arua Regional Referral Hospital - Uganda 

    Kizito, Omona (Texila International Journal of Medicine, 2018)
    The third delay is the delay in receiving adequate and appropriate treatment at the healthcare facility by mothers during and after pregnancy. Many factors attribute to this; shortage of staff, insufficient training, ...
  • Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Medical Incident Reporting Among Healthcare Professionals: A Study of Midigo Health Centre IV 

    Kizito, Omona (Texila International Journal of Medicine, 2016-12)
    Medical incident reporting is a key tool for improving patient safety in healthcare, hence improved quality of care. The better the knowledge, attitude and practice of this concept, the better the quality of care. The ...
  • Patients and Health Workers’ Engagement in Patient Safety in Healthcare in Kitgum General Hospital 

    Kizito, Omona (E-international Journals of Academic and Scientific Research, 2015)
    The delivery of health care is known to involve potential safety risks for the patients who are supposed to benefit from medical treatment and care. Over the years, efforts have been put in place to reduce the occurrence ...

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